An armed robbery goes wrong at a pub for Daddy Braxton and Casey. Daddy Braxton wants Casey to shoot someone who accidently walks in on the job but he won’t and finally shoots Daddy Braxton. They operate on him but Daddy Braxton dies. Brax lies to the police that he did it but Casey confesses. Marilyn carries on seeing the best in people including Daddy Braxton and the question soon arises – who is going to pay and organise Daddy Braxton’s funeral.

Ruby admits cutting the brakelines on Indies’ car, to get Indie out of the way and then worm her way back into Romeo’s affections. Ruby leaves Summer Bay for good in a police car and surrenders herself to a police station in the city, as she can not face doing that in the police station that Charlie used to work. Ruby urges Brax to move on from Charlie’s death. Brax kisses Charlie’s grave and says a final tearful farewell to Charlie. It appears that Natalie is bewildered by Brax’s behaviour and motives, especially at the pub armed robbery.

It’s Gina’s birthday (I’d love to know how old her characters age is). Jett buys her a book, Xavier rings to wish her a happy birthday, and they all go out to Angelo’s to celebrate. The DNA results are now back. It’s now official, Richard Bosic is Jetts real father. Richard Bosic then applies for full custody of Jett. John and Gina tell Jett that they will support him no matter what. You are left wondering if Richard Bosic will make a good father to Jett, and whether Jett will leave Summer Bay. I hope not, the actor who plays Jett is very good.

I’m not sure what’s happening with Indie and Liam, Indie tells Romeo to back off, I bet Romeo fears he is losing his wife. I hear though, in real life, the actor who plays Romeo is now engaged to the actress who plays Ruby.

Tim, from the USA, goes looking for his ex-Roo. He finally tells her he has left his wife for her, it appears now there is friction between Harvey, Roo and Tim. Tim is a schemer, a bit of a flirt too. Roo should stick to Harvey, they’re much better suited to each other.

Dex is in hospital following the car crash. Sasha’s tearful, Indies in utter shock. Sid is torn and very emotional, and April keeps on crying, especially in the new home Dex and she had set up together. Dex’ heart stops briefly but is revived. Will he live or will he die? Will Dex come out of this or not?


I have been feeling very like I’ve got a cold, very dehydrated and weak, it’s way too humid here. I felt relieved here tonight when it started to rain after teatime. Take care all, many thanks for reading my blog. Laugh