I always enjoy watching Home and Away, especially the omnibus on a Saturday afternoon, watching my favourite show for 2 and a bit hours helps me to feel less depressed due to my severe ongoing disability. The story-lines are always very well handled, especially the Summer Bay storm of 2010, and any story-lines with actress Tempany Deckhart (Selina) and actor Luke Bracey (Trey Palmer) involved with remains my firm favourite of all the storylines.
Leah tries in vain to stop Brax fighting in order to pay the money back he owes her. Brax does get quite badly hurt, then apparently has a romp with a blonde very soon afterwards. Leah says she just doesn’t understand how Brax can move on so quickly after Charlie’s recent demise. The truth of the matter I believe is, he had a 1 night stand to help him block out some of the pain his character is currently going through. Ruby is thrown out of her caravan, after her recent drinking binge session, and then moves into the Summer Bay House. I bet Ruby will come to regard Mr Alf Stewart as a sort of father figure as she keeps saying “all my family are dead”, she feels so alone. In my own life I can very much strongly relate to that. Collen wears a nice gold looking scarf in 1 scene, and April wears a nice Bikini and a lovely black satin type dress which I so wish I could have myself in a size 16 or 18. Roo has a go at the karaoke, she has quite a good singing voice. Irene also has a go too but I strongly suspect she herself was miming. Harvey distracts Roo and later the sexual tension suddenly gets between Roo and Harvey. Come on Harvey get your act together, I’m glued to the screen, give Roo a big snog. Why you didn’t do so straight after your very muddy puddle fight together is just beyond me. Irene, Marilyn, and Coleen, all have blue looking facials and Alf Stewart says his famous line “stone the flaming crows”. If I have a facial like that it can worsen my acne and make my own face look very red ie bloodshot! Bianca returns from her honeymoon with Liam, with slightly shorter blonde wavy hair. I like her new look/style and yes, you guessed it, she’s pregnant, but just who is the daddy Heath or Liam? This will be very interesting to watch, but for now Bianca is fretting over her little sister April, who she feels very understandbly protective towards. Xavier and Sasha still flirt a bit with each other, and the police are still carrying out their enquiries over Stu’s recent death. John Palmer becomes a coach driver to earn some extra money, but John Palmer then hides his face and leaves Xavier standing at the bus stop while he just drives past. Xavier gets rattled and goes what with his hands. Gina then drives Xavier to the police academy herself and he also tells her 1 of his tutors is on his case. Gina thinks he’s being bullied, Xavier then says that’s why he went to see that policewoman at the station, to get some advice on what to do, but he seemed to bottle it up instead. John Palmer later confesses to Gina how much of their money he has now lost due to the failed resort development. 400 thousand dollars! He’s still hoping to get some of it back, but somehow, before that happens, I bet the guy will then very quicly skip town. Gina tells John no more secrets and that their marriage has to be different, more open from now on. I think John Palmer has some way to go yet to fix the broken trust element in his marriage to Gina. I think Mrs Brown will ruin the relationship April has with Heath as I suspect Mrs Brown is jealous and has an ulterior motive, but I think April will bounce back, more mature and develop as a much stronger person as a result. I’d give this episode 8 out of 10 Rating.Sneaky
I read in The Daily Star Newspaper today in EastEnders that the future of some of the younger cast appears a bit uncertain. They maybe concerned that they are concentrating too much on the younger characters and maybe are losing the adult audience a bit. I do believe re-casting the role of Lauren was a big mistake, the ages of the 2 actors who have played that particular role was completely unrealistic, I think re-casting Ben was a good move and has worked out OK. I think re-casting the role of Lucy Beale was the correct thing to do, only more time will tell how that really works out. I hope they give a good story-lines still to Lola, she’s a little devil and minx, but her antics are interesting to watch. I wish the new boss of EastEnders well, I think its a lady. I’d quite like to see Grant Mitchell back in the square, and why not give Jenny Augutter and Hayley Mills roles, bet that would be interesting viewing and take EastEnders in a slightly different direction from the norm.