Ruby tries to tell Romeo about the baby lie but Romeo jumps to the wrong conclusion she’s had a miscarriage. When Leah learns that Ruby didn’t tell Romeo the truth she confronts Ruby again and gives her the ultimatum to tell Romeo or she will. Ruby admits to Romeo she lied about ever being pregnant and he storms off with a packed bag leaving Ruby distraught and very tearful. Romeo gets drunk at `Angelo’s` and tells Indie what’s happened, she takes him back to her place and he stays on the sofa for a couple of nights. Romeo decides he wants’ Indie back and tries to kiss her but she backs off afraid.

Daddy Braxton is still causing problems. He invites Casey out on a road trip. Initially, when Brax tries to talk him out of leaving school too early, Casey refuses, wanting to go on the trip, but later he sees sense and agrees to finish his HSC. Natalie and Brax talk about Casey but are gradually being drawn closer together, I bet they will get steamy fairly soon? Brax offers Daddy Braxton a large sum of money to leave Summer Bay but he sees the money as owed to him anyway and so wants the money and doesn’t intend to leave. He pushes Brax away aggressively. Marilyn and Daddy Braxton openly flirt with each other, despite Alf advising Marilyn to avoid him.

Jett is still trying to find the man who he suspects is his father, Gina decides to help him. They talk to Natalie who provides them with a file which indicates Jett’s possible dad was a criminal but not dangerous.

Xavier is trying to separate his personal life and his chosen career. He decides to  to leave Summer Bay for a fresh start in the police force somewhere else. John Palmer advices caution against deciding to leave too soon, Gina is not happy at the idea of losing her son but in the end Xavier leaves with John Palmer to start a new life somewhere.

Bianca and Liam hug each other and end their marriage on a sad but positive note. Biancas’ baby has a fit and needs a blood transfusion. Heath is a match and the baby is now going to be OK.

Dex and April still smoochie, Dex is neglecting his course work towards his nursing qualification to help April. April is now hoping for the best with her HSC.

Lottie’s mum, Mel, wants her to go live with her in the big city, Lottie feels torn because she wants to stay with her father Harvey and stay in the Summer bay. In the end she does go with her mum – a very sad farewell to Lottie.

Sasha, with her lovely black pigtails, was not in very much this edition of Home and Away. I had hoped she would be as we won’t be seeing Home and Away for some weeks.

I won’t now be doing my Home and Away blob for at least 6 weeks as the Home and Away omnibus edition on 5* takes it’s summer break in Oz, and won’t be watching the old episodes or the programme about the lovely monkeys being shown in it’s place. Take care for now everyone. Laugh