Romeo still nurses his badly injured leg. Ruby stands along side supportive. Romeo, speaking to his wfie Indie, realises they have grown apart and very sadly his marriage is now over.

A bully, male teacher gives Casey more detention and humiliates and intimidates him. The male teacher then targets Gina. She’s now clearly wise to him.

Xavier and Dex have a girl style chat and start to build up their muscles a bit. Lottie though is not into muscles, never the less Dex and Lottie get it together leaving poor April out in the cold.

Jet, the little lad, is still bullying VJ a bit and steels some valuable jugs from Colleen’s mobile home. Jet gets no money though as he smashed all the jugs. Later it transpires Colleen had a winning lottery ticket and now looks set to move perminantly to Las Vagas with her on-screen son Lance. Just what will the Diner be without Colleen, a good exit storyline for a popular, well-loved character. This storyline will reach it’s conclusion next week.

Sascha says to lottie “it’s boring biology, buy a cat.”

Casey hands in a late assignment and, provoked by his bad male teacher, punches him. Although bleeding, the look on his face says he’s up to no good.

Liam stands by Hayley and then they have a romp. Liam’s helping her come off drugs, the poor solicitor she is.

Harvey has a court case coming up to do with election fraud, he’s convinced he will go to jail, no matter what his plea is. Lottie’s Mum is fuming at Harvey over his unpaid bills. Lottie is heart-broken, Ruth concerned.

Marilyn wore two nice purple bangles and Colleen wore a nice gold jacket. New girl, I think she rode a bicycle in one scene at one point, is Sascha’s new councillor with long blonde hair Natalie. She’s a real beauty, understanding Sascha and has just got a new office. Sascha’s now at ease, let’s hope she gets over Stu.

One thing to look out for, I’ve heard in the Daily Star newspaper today, is that Brax and Natalie get it together as he starts to get over Charlie’s death. I feel somewhat sorry for Leah. Xavier speaks to a policeman who is involved in his police training over his suspicions that Jet was the one who broke into Colleens caravan. We all know Xavier’s gut feeling is right on this, but Gina appears to be of the view `innocent until proven guilty` as Jet’s mum has mental health problems. I think Gina aways sees the good in people, even the Braxtons at times. Gina’s intentions are in the right place.

I really like Lottie’s blonde hair, loose or in 1 braid, but I love it in 2 plaits. I used to wear my hair like that even when I was Lottie’s age, but it’s probably my own hair not long enough to go into 2 plaits any more.

I have been feeling fairly unwell today, groggy, brain sensations to do with my MS, very week and tired. That’s all for now folks, take care. 🙂