My Name is Lydia approx a month ago I tried to attack myself with a knife and left the gas switched on said goodbye to my next of kin by phone and waited to die what happened after that took place in a bit of a blur the fire brigade came pumped out the gas police came¬†then was taken to hospital, I was under the crisis mental health team and then put back reopen the case with the everyday team who now say I don’t meet their criteria for a mental health care coordinator I have 17 different medical conditions if you look at my website, my ongoing disability maybe better understood.Whats clear is I could fit into learning disability mental health and physical health criteria but the communication is poor within the mental health team and they are making a bad situation even worse each side passes the buck what I want is some things free at the point of need a holistic approach and the lies bad communication needs to stop today alone chasing things up is cracking me up.To Complain about such a situation you can be labelled difficult belligerent while I’m only trying to help myself it costs money I get that but I deserve better than this stop using the complexity of someone like me as a stick to beat me with or use against me a bit of empathy from such people would not go amiss and see me as the nice girl that I am I wouldn’t treat a dog the way these teams treat me its not acceptable to conduct themselves in that way with my MS too you are breaking my heart my aunt is dead and my ex wont commit you people are paid to understand people like me instead I feel Violated and raped my PTSD is intensifying and I’m tired if trying to clean up the mess you so called experts leave behind get the balance right improve communication I cannot afford afford service charges so stop making me feel unreasonable for not wanting to go down that road tell me what¬†little is available free at the point of need have a meeting with everyone working together learning disability mental health and physical health and in using criteria use it as guidance notes not the word of god My life is utterly miserable if I were Rich I could tell you to get stuffed Learn from people like me and stop this appalling behaviour. God help me.