This Christmas Day was somewhat a real mix for me. Unfortunately I didn’t receive my new laptop with big memory that I wanted from Santa Clause this year. We simply couldn’t afford one anyway. Very disappointingly for me yesterday my only computer, a laptop, appears to be broken showing only a black screen. I will try to get someone to look at it, but at this time of year I guess it will be a slow process. I’m having to borrow an old laptop that I had previously given to my boyfriend, just to keep my blog going, it’s difficult because a lot of its soft-wear is out-of-date. I went out this morning to an Anglican Church, they did some good carols, and some of the children, including a little boy, showed of his new remote control car. I was really lucky to receive some really nice Christmas cards this year though

On another separate note I noticed that the CH5 news update programmers over this festive period have not carried a weather map at the end of the bulletin. I thought this unusual and a real shame as it would have been useful that the viewers would know what the weather is like coming up.

Here’s my Xmas Day with cards I received but no new laptop from Santa.

IMG_20171225_165355 IMG_20171225_172005 IMG_20171225_172030