Dear blog,

A few small glimmers of hope have finally come. 
At last I heard from the Urine continence nurse and at some point I’m trying out a new product, a new sort of pad. I will let you guess where it’s for. I’m still fretting somewhat over a very personal test I need to have done. It’s very personal indeed to me. I’m hoping myself, my next of kin, and my Barbie doll can somehow survive though it. It involves a small taste of my life for the future, maybe, enemas or suppositories (Yuck, I heard from someone).
I was distressed at facing and trying to describe, my ongoing situation and circumstances to the advocacy people I have contacted but I don’t blame them for that. I hope with better communication a solution maybe found, my being perceived wrongly, and this horrid atmosphere between myself and support services, somehow becomes a distant memory, and against all the odds I start to move forward. I know I’m not alone or unique in my situation but I hope professional people, and society in general, better empathise with people like me. I’m no Green Goblin am I citizens?