This film is not very plausible but is a highly saucy film. It is about a girl called Ryan and her three best mates from collage, together they were the “Flossy Posse”.

They reunite for a weekend in New Orleans where Ryan is a guest speaker at a convention. The action is funny, bawdy and very much one for the girls (my boyfriend was cringing when he saw it with me!) The best scenes include where Sasha, under the influence of a drug in her drink, makes love to a standing lamp; Lisa, in the same condition imagines she is kissing a hunk but is kissing a plasma screen; Two of the characters get caught short on a zip wire and urinate on the spectators below; Ryans’ husband is having an affair with a gorgeous model which prompts Dina to threaten him with a broken bottle which lands all of them in trouble and thrown out of the posh hotel, and a drunk who turns up at their seedy motel and propositions them. 

In the end with, the love and support of her friends, Ryan speaks out publicly about her husbands antics that signals the end of her marriage, but finds love with a guitarist who is an old friend too. 

I would give this film a 9/10 rating. It is an impressive film with a good script throughout.

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