This is a very good CH5 afternoon movie, staring one of my favourites: Mercedes Ruehl. A 16 year old girl, the on-screen daughter of  the Mercedes Ruehl character, is a teenage girl who reminisces about her past boyfriend. She clearly loved him to bits and never really got over leaving him. She falls pregnant and moves high schools. She can’t cope with her mum trying to be an over-protective mum to her baby son. In the end a blonde high school tutor and her devoted husband adopt the baby boy. They tried IVF style treatment but it failed. My favourite scene was where the young character’s sister appeared to hairspray her hair but for reasons unknown it quickly changed to a dark purple colour. She was acting out and trying to grow up far too quickly, a bit like her sister. I’d give this rather feel good film a 6/10 rating. My favourite character was the younger sister (a good actress). Laugh