It is tinged with a bit of sadness for me this blog, as I play both the Free Postcode Lottery and Peoples Postcode Lottery. I do feel though that I should state I endorse the stance taken by the Free Postcode Lottery. I’ve played this lottery for a couple of years now, enjoying daily going to my inbox, seeing their email and checking to see if I have won a prize or not. Sadly the area where I live has won some prizes but not my particular postcode. It is always terrific checking whether I have won or not, it’s free it’s easy and the adverts sometimes interesting, for example the video draw. I’m left hoping the Peoples Postcode Lottery’s aim is not to simply remove all its perceived competition, i.e. anyone who uses postcodes to select winners, as it appears at the moment. And I┬ácan not comprehend why they have summonsed him personally and not just the company. I like to play the Peoples Postcode Lottery because they support good causes, but I also like to play the Free Postcode Lottery because it is genuinely free for customers and I feel the sites are vastly different and could not be confused with each other. I also note the Free Postcode Lottery have offered other names but so far without any agreement with the Peoples Postcode Lottery, they are surely not trying to monopolise the term “Postcode Lottery” as this has been around in many areas for many years! I myself have tried to contact Peoples Postcode Lottery via twitter about my concerns for their actions but they have yet to respond or acknowledge it. So good luck to Free Postcode Lottery and Chris in particular, keep your chins up and take care.

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