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Times, moneywise, are very hard for all of us, but for the disabled and other vulnerable groups in our society it’s been especially hard. Non-disabled people are having to, and being told to, cut back to avoid debt and losing their homes. Disabled people face ever rising costs, which you can’t means test or really measure. Going outside, having your own hair washed etc, are what most experts say are wants not needs. Services charges are applied to social needs i.e. the Social Services themselves are looking at how best to spend and stay within their budget, without realising disabled people can maybe do it better and easier than they can, and disabled people have to make a lot of difficult choices about everyday decisions that the non-disabled people take for granted, e.g. the hair washes and going out etc. If services charges are then forced, then it’s down to the real experts in all this, the disabled people themselves. Why should disabled people be paying twice for their needs not covered by criterion/eligibility.
Please sign my e-petition on this VIP issue:

 It’s getting to be near the last throw of the dice. If we fail to get the 100,000 signatures needed this issue will be tied up in paperwork and bureaucracy and consigned to the history books, with the principles of real personalisation for disabled people being eroded and sadly forgotten!
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