This really good Thomas the Tank Engine animation was about Thomas taking trucks on to the mainland and his adventures there. 

Thomas sneakily took away James’ trucks after James had said he (James) was the Fat Controllers firm favourite, which was most definitely not the case. However, Thomas got lost both from the mainline and Sodor and ended up finding a crane by a canal. The crane scooped him up and says he’s alone and wants company. Then he meets two trains who tricked him to going to some steelworks where they wanted Thomas to stay and do all their work.

Meanwhile James is on the lookout for Thomas and his trucks, but James doesn’t know the trucks have already arrived at their destination and that Thomas has been lured away and is hard at work in the steelyard. 

The two trains make Thomas feel guilty for trying to escape but Thomas feels very trapped and just wants to go home. In the end he `busts` himself out of the gates while the other two trains are sleeping. He then meets Merlin and two other engines who were all experimental engines which didn’t work and they say they will help Thomas. Meanwhile James is lured to the steelyard by the first two engines. 

Thomas learns his friend is being held at the steelyard and together with his new found friends goes to get James out. They succeed but learn that the steelyard engines are not bad but lonely and overworked, so the experimental engines agree to stay and help and they all become firm friends. 

Thomas and James return home having learnt the lesson it isn’t who is best, but to value and enjoy having friends.

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