This animation is very good and I felt fairly gripping too.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature starts in a place where there is a lot of nuts where a shop closed down and animals eat the nuts there, as it is easier to eat there than hunt for food. Sadly for them the nut shop and all its nuts is blown up by accident and the animals, lead by Squirrels Surly and Andie, return to the neighbouring park where they came from. 

However the park is under threat from the local corrupt and greedy Mayor. At first the animals succeed in driving the builders away but he send in a team of animal catchers and so the animals have to go looking for a new place to live and get their food. They try another park but it turns out it is a golf course! So it is no use to them. 

They then come up with a cunning plan to get rid of the theme park the Mayor has built on their country park once and for all. They try to sabotage the rides in the funfair but are defeated, so Surly turns to some fighting mice he had met to join in, and together they defeat the mayor and his spoilt daughter (who get their come-uppance and get arrested), rescue his friends and get their park back. 

Scenes to watch out for are two Bulldogs falling in love that are very different in character, when Surly and his friends catch a wasps’ nest and hurl it into a bulldozers cab, and when the Mayors’ daughter gets a tranquilizer dart in her bottom and goes all funny before collapsing. Two things to listen out for are Katherine Heigl as the voice of Andie, and Jackie Chan as Mr Feng the leader of the fighting mice. 

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