After the recent fall I had, due to my MS and ongoing Muscle tension in both my legs knees and feet, I’m seeing someone tomorrow for the chance of having a pendant like button thing to press in case I have another fall. Some minor changes outside my joint so I need permission 1st, it’s so complicated. I’m finding this all very hard to take in. People around me say I sound positive, I have to be like that as a sort of positive type front because otherwise I don’t think I would be able too carry on. My social needs, what little is now left of them, 5 News UK; Home And Away; and my beloved Frank are what still holds me emotionally together, but watching Simon Vigar and his awesome red Socks on 5 News UK really cheers me up no end. I hope I get this Pendant type button thing, even if I get permission to have it all installed, it costs at least 80 pounds, but the next time I have a fall I could be more seriously hurt. Worst case scenario I could even die on the floor and you cannot put a price on that can you hey? Goodnight all, very tired now. Sleeping half-moonEyeroll