This is a remarkable film, which tells the story of Maddy, an 18 year old girl approximately, and her new male next door neighbour, Ollie. Maddy is meant to have a gene disorder that makes her immune system not function properly – SKID. Her mother convinces her she is very unwell and that venturing outside could make her very sick, even kill her. Meanwhile Ollie and Maddy are separated by glass but they find their own ways of communication. Ollie goes on the run with Maddy to Hawaii were they both become close and intimate, but then she become ill with an infection and ends up in hospital. Maddy survives and goes home to recover. She tries to split from Ollie fearing she is holding him back, and he’d be much better off with another girlfriend. Ollie says firmly this is not want he wants and loves her. She feels the same way but keeps him at arms length in an attempt to try to protect them both. Meanwhile, it turns out Maddy’s mother has lied to her about her medical condition in a futile attempt to protect her daughter. Maddy’s father and brother were killed in a car accident, there Maddy’s mother became over protective and tried to keep her shut in from the outside world. Maddy’s mother feels threatened by the blossoming romance between Ollie and Maddy. Ollie leaves town to go to New York after his parents relationships hits the rocks, saying goodbye to Maddy via email. Maddy goes after him, they reunite with another kiss and probably live happy ever after.

This was a good film with a good supporting cast, and probably one I will add to my DVD collection, I’d score it 8/10

Have you seen and enjoyed Everything, Everything.

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