This years Eurovision contest in Stockholm was nail biting. The judges choices being remarkable and the new viewers choices were equally remarkable. It was the 61st Eurovision song contest, and even though he’s passed away now Terry Wogan’s presence was still there.

One of the rather amusing things of the night was when Eurovision merchandise was mentioned – caps & t-shirts were predictable, but then they also showed a man in a strait jacket! Another amusing bit was when you saw children learning Eurovision by numbers, but seriously, in practice it could help children with numbers, it was a good touch. It was good too when the 2 Eurovision hosts got up and sang a song called “Love Love Peace Peace”.

There were 26 countries in the competition, and the competition was now also to be televised in China and the USA too for the very first time. Sadly Ireland didn’t make it into the final competition and Portugal didn’t enter the competition at all. The U.K. performed as entry 25 which was unlucky for them, our song was good but there is a lot of fierce competition in Europe.

Two interesting facts I learnt were apparently there has never been a winner of Eurovision who sang in 2nd place position and Italy is the biggest backer of Eurovision and not the BBC as you might think. There was an awful lot of “pop” songs in the competition this year, it would have been nice to have more of a mixture of songs but it wasn’t to be. A lot of the artists wore black and silver when they sang, who knows why.

It was between Australia and Ukraine, a kinda 2 horse race but Ukraine won. It was an interesting thing to see the panel of judges vote, then afterwards the viewers vote, the way the voting went its direction was very different.

My top five in the end was Germany, then Czech Republic, then Azerbaijan, then Austria and then Belgium.

I loved it just as much as usual.  

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