This film tells the romantic story of 2 people trapped together in a posh hotel lift, who get talking after it goes dark and then shudders to a abrupt halt. Although they are from very different classes, she a caterer and waitress, and he a successful business man, they both find lasting love and happiness together. The guy had been previously set up with a snooty type blonde girl, but he much preferred the down to earth poor girl who appeared not to have very high expectations of herself instead. There’s not much you can improve on in this superb CH5 afternoon movie. I’d love to buy it on DVD, but knowing my bad luck, yet again it may only be available in Region 2. Come on the film industry, offer these film in Region 2 format, me and England should not have to miss out on these good films. The lead actress in this is superb, and for once I will give this film a 11 out of 10 rating. I was really in the mood to see it again but very nearly didn’t get to see it as my carer was due at the same time. The middle aged secretary who later conspires to get the couple together is also very well acted in this film, the guys best mate is a prat though but rather well acted.
Many thanks all for reading my blog take care Goodnight. Disappointed smilelol