EastEnders tonight wasn’t bad. You see again the aftermath of Heve’s murder, Shirley is hysterical over Heve’s death, and the Police are suspicious that someone has faked a burglary at her flat. A homeless man nicks Heve’s finahi’s cash, and people are then left very shell-shocked and numb just who would kill Heather Trott, and just who now will be a parent now to little George, Heve’s son? Surely not toy boy Darren Miller, if he is even found.
The Ch5 afternoon movie today told the story of a girl with long brown hair being bullied, both in person and online. 1 of the bullies mums forwarded a near naked photo of the girl in question, that the girl had meant to send to her boyfriend only, to her friends. She was concerned the girl was upstaging her daughter. The girl is later found hanged in her bedroom after not being able to cope anymore with the ongoing bullying. The mother does get to the truth in the end, and some changes are made at the high school she attended. A student there said “Let’s all give up our mobile phones for a semester as part of respect to this girls death” and I think everyone does just that. There was a fairly touching scene where the victim’s mum found her daughters grave with black graffiti on it. I’d love to own this film on DVD, but most of these film are made for American TV and are only usually available in Region 1 not region 2 format. I will give this film a 9 out of 10 rating. I’ve forgot the precise name of the film I’m on about. There is a lovely blue evening dress in this film the girl victim was wearing. I would wear it myself if it were not for my MS.
Goodnight all I’m completely, utterly, shattered.Sleepy smile