It feels like forever and a day, but Heve’s body is finally taken away after her recent demise. Shirley is very cut up about it, and I think in Hindsight she will regret opening up to, and standing by, Phil. At the end of the episode, alone with Ben, he starts to lose his composure in what looks like an alleyway. Baby George is then taken into care, will Darren Miller return to collect his son or will the child remain in care? Apparently Shirley couldn’t look after him as Phil is a suspect in the murder case. Heve’s fiance is soon interviewed and then arrested for Heve’s murder as the police think he lost his temper for the 2nd time. Dot starts to isolate herself from those around her or close to her, as she said if she gets close to someone they die. At the present moment in my own personal life I can fully relate sadly to that feeling. Jay thinks Ben is a bit mental and continues to bottle things up. I hear, maybe, that he will later start to open up to Roxy, a good choice I think. Ian cannot believe his eyes, which nearly pop out of his head, when Ben and Phil appear reconciled. He admits he was the 1 who told the police the truth about Ben’s recent lie to the police. Ben is angry but, although he will probably not trust Ian for a good while, I think somehow they will make up. I will give this edition of EastEnders tonight a 6 out of 10 rating.
The Ch5 afternoon movie on Thursday 22 March The Fatal Flaw (110mins 2006)
This film tells the conspiracy type scenario around a young attorney called Laney. She had shoulder length wavy blonde hair. Her fiance is charged with a crime he did not commit linked to drugs and a murder, where it was believed that a prostitute was also present. She defends her fiance in court (I didn’t think you were legally allowed to do that) but starts to get nowhere. An ex of her’s provides a good onscreen chemistry, and it’s abundantly very clear he wants her back. But she makes it clear that in the past they meant something, too many mistakes occurred and that now she is happy with her fiance. She later finds her man innocent in the end. I think it was her past boss who set the whole thing up, she strongly suspected he was involved after seeing a familiar looking sort of cigar. The policeman who has the hots for Laney ends up later being shot by the guy behind it all, and he grabs his own pistol while wounded and shoots the criminal dead. There is a happy reconciliation between Laney and her fiance who I am convinced I have seen before in a previous role in a film, no idea what though. I would give this film 6 and a half out of 10 rating, a fairly good suspense film, and who done it scenario. At times I find it a bit hard to follow, I’m not sure if Laney and the murderer were running for mayor, an office of some kind was mentioned in the film.
Goodnight all Sleepy smile