Mr Patrick Truman shows his hip action routine while on Heve’s fiance’ stag do. Rose, Dots’ sister, dancing on a table at Heve’s hen night, she also tries on Heves’ wedding dress and sadly it gets ripped, just what will Heve do next? Will she marry her fiance now after all? Heve rather enjoys the flattering attentions of a policeman style stripper. Shirley and Heve do a groovy dance to the nineteen eighties classic pop song Mel and Kim’s’ “Respectable” (apparently its one of Heve’s favorites). Kim wears a gold style turban on her head for Heves’ hen night, it looked like a female version of panto classic character Aladdin. Ian Beale admits Ben is lying, Phil is innocent. Will Phil now leave jail? I later hear that Phil may go on to cover up Heves’ murder that Ben later commits.