Dear Blog,
I only very occasionally watch EastEnders now-a-days. Roxy has a wet hair kind of day. Ian Beale asks Ben to confess he is lying to help keep his real dad hard-man Phil Mitchell in prison. Ben feels a bit guilty and is starting very slowly himself to crack up, he bolts for the nearest exit when Phil Mitchell walks up to him while visiting him in the nick. Hev tries on a old wedding dress while preparing for her own forthcoming wedding, but Dot Cotton, the saint that she is,then buys the dream wedding dress for Hev that she has said she has been eyeing up in a shop, but, I assume, she couldn’t afford to buy the dress herself. Patrick Truman telling Heather she looked lovely while holding up and reading a newspaper was a bit baffling to say the least (I bet it was not the best newspaper of them all the Daily Star). Tanya is also nervous but will be pleased to hear no doubt, but not quite yet if you know what I mean, she is clear of the cervical cancer she was suffering from. I will give EastEnders a 6 out of 10 rating tonight.
I also got to see Homes From Hell tonight (ITV1). This edition of what looks like a new series of the programme concentrated on the country known as Dubai. I’ve vaguely heard of this country and I understand Comedian Jim Davidson rather enjoys living there, and, from what I saw tonight, it looks like a Muslim country that has oil too. Apparently various people from the UK have invested in property there, a lot of them would either not have started construction or in the end a lot of the properties weren’t built at all. These people either paid in installments or paid upfront and lost all their money. 2 lots of Tower blocks people had paid for in 1 case the foundations were made and then later filled in, the other was just sand and never got built.  A guy who skipped town, you may say after ripping people off, is apparently now wanted by Interpol while another guy is rumbled, rather unexpectedly for him, by 1 of his passed victims and says “Look I don’t have the money, it’s gone”. Where’s it gone? The guy who tracked him down says it went went on fees paying people etc. 1 obvious word of warning if you are buying property abroad – try using someone like an independent solicitor in that country, it’s better being extra cautious than losing all the money you have invested in something that may only be a fantasy, not the reality. Or invest in a property that has already been built, use the proper channels and a solicitor that speaks English in that country, and above all do your homework in the country you are buying a house in, and be very careful indeed with both eyes fully wide open as this programme at times really does prove. I give Homes from Hell – Dubai Dreams – a 9 out of 10 rating. Please note I can only dream of being able to afford a mortgage house etc, I will probably expect to be a tenant somewhere.
Yawn, Goodnight All.Sleepy smile