It was somewhat rainy in Royal Wotton Basset today, Louise Beale mentioned it was a right royal knees up what ever that is. Blonde Mini Stevenson met a middle aged female fan of HRH the Queen, she had a lot of memorabilia merchandise in her own home and she took a young child to meet the Queen. The fan said the Queen was very good and twinkly and sparkly.
Mr Simon Vigar wore what looked like a diamond jubilee style tie, it looked like the UK Union Jack. Singer Gary Barlow felt overshadowed by Simon’s tie, I think Simon Vigar should lend the tie for a day to Mr Julian Druker but it suits Simon best of all. I would love to have been at Buckingham Palace to see Kylie Minogue performing. I felt some sympathy for Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, apparently he has been admitted to hospital with a bladder infection at 90 years old, hope he gets well soon. A lovely 12 year old girl on her twelfth birthday wants to light a beacon to mark the Queens jubilee. She’s called Isabella and she has a lovely smile. 
In other news: Sadly now there are three days of mourning in the country called Nigeria where a plane crashed. All 153 people on board were killed and it’s not known as yet how many people died on the ground. A touching report by Leila Hayes.
Footballer Rio Ferdinand feels he has been overlooked twice now by the England squad that is now battling injury. He faces retirement now, aged just 33. I’m not into football much but I rather like Leicester City. I feel some understanding for Rio on this particular issue.
The singer Adele I think was talking on American TV about her vocal cord surgery, speaking to Elton John on the phone, something about wearing pants and wandering round in pyjamas in Trafalgar Square, London. She has a nice accent when talking but her music is not to my personal taste.
New girl on the block, weather presenter Natalie Verney, did the weather tonight. A very pretty girl I had not seen before, its 3 Celsius in some parts tomorrow with more rain on the way.
Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice red dress with a matching belt on 5 News UK tonight, no doubt probably from Debenhams, a near copy of a recent dress Princess Kate wore during the Queens diamond jubilee. I bet it was no accident tonight that she chose to wear that particular nice dress.
In other news my MS is still not good but through all the pain and balance problems I try to keep up a strong faith/front. Goodnight all. Confused smile