What labels does Lydia have to carry about.

Physical –

A) Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis since the year 2004.

Conditions related to the progressive MS:

                Transverse Myelitis.

                Double Vision Associated with MS.

                Balance Problems (not Vertigo).

                Bladder Continence Problems mainly caused by MS.

                Registered Partially Sighted.


B) Bi-lateral Deafness and O.A.D

C) Dermatitis & Rosacea Eczema round my mouth.

D) Swelling in my fingers and hands.

Mental Health –

E) Multiple Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

F) Chronic Anxiety State


G) Bi-polar Disorder (Type 2 I think).

H) Severe Depression and Mood Swings and P.M.T. Symptoms.

I) Borderline Personality Disorder.

J) Claustrophobia

Learning Disability –

K) Borderline Learning Disability on the Autistic Spectrum.

L) Attention Deficit Disorder.

M)Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

As you can see I’m a very multi complex type person and my list of ongoing issues and diagnoses continues to grow (the more Drs you see the more diagnosis you are likely to be labelled with), although I try to block out all my problems as some people may interpret me as a hypochondriac. I think people like me should be accepted by the wider society and the medical profession to have their conditions managed a little better. Being cured is not right for everyone, and the NHS should factor that in, sometimes, when dealing with  someone as complex and very ill as I am. 😕 I have to admit that a persons mental wellbeing is not easily measured by health professionals, some of us can measure a smile better as human beings.