I watched Crimewatch tonight with a different blonde presenter (Kirsty Young was ill) I thought she did OK. A new guy seems to have taken over Rav Wildings role, he was OK but I don’t think he was a policeman, maybe he will join now Crimewatch Roadshow if and when that ever comes back. I would still like a signed photograph of past presenter Ginny Buckley. After 2 years of waiting now I still haven’t got 1, and I really wish Ginny Buckley could present Crimewatch Or Crimewatch Roadshow again. She had been a victim of a crime as a child and she comes across as very down to earth, very understanding and empathy too. I think at times Kirsty Young comes across a bit cold in her manner if you know what I mean.
In EastEnders the sad deed is now done. Heve is dead, Phil Mithchell is now out of prison and tries to cover up Ben’s crime. Jay is starting to very slowly crack up over what’s happened, Little George no longer has his Mummy and is Toyboy Darren up for taking over his responsibility as a dad? Probably not I think! Somehow I can imagine Shirley and Carol getting together jointly to do this role. I felt it was very sweet seeing Shirley hold little Amy in her arms, Amy is really starting to strongly resemable Roxy now. At the end of the episode you never hear Shirley scream or yell very loudly after then discovering Heves body, and what then appears a botched robbery attempt. I will give EastEnders a 5 out of 10 rating tonight. I only very occasionally watch EastEnders and I’m glad I never watched Heve’s sad demise last night. Jay trying to open up to Billy while Billy sat on the bed looking a bit baffled while Jay cries a bit was the best scene for me.