I heard about this particular news story last week, could our NHS actually go bust by the year 2030? (Lord Darzi’s report as reported in the media. e.g. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/nhs-needs-extra-50billion-year-12427904). Could this even mean the unthinkable for the NHS – the Receivers being called in? Public funds seem to go down an endless black hole, you can only spread a small amount of margarine on a big piece of toast so far. They keep trying to say “We put X amount of money into the NHS” but does this make any sense in real terms, for example you could target the NHS to do more hip replacements to enable people to keep their independence and quality of life, but a persons can be left dependent due to great many other issues which are left underfunded. The more complex the medical needs the worse it can be for some people.

The NHS faces meltdown over a cash crisis fuelled by budget cuts and soaring numbers of patients.


Addressing this problem still leaves the issue of social care, if social care is underfunded as much as they say then inevitably helping people live longer increases the demand for more social care. I think a client’s contributions to care must increase but those who need it are invariably those that can not afford it. Also what should be included in social care is important. The NHS keeps people alive but the quality of life should be equally considered, social care often meets practical needs e.g. washing, feeding but don’t include going out or participating in anything.

I also think bed blocking should be considered as a major factor too.

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