If there was to be a vacancy for a CH5 newsreader then The Tonight reporter and Newsround host Hayley Hassall would an ideal choice to join the team in my view. She is full of life, very professional with a lot of experience at news presenting. It can be a real challenge to engage younger people with adult news programmes. I suggested her some years ago on the 5 News website when Matt Barbett first left 5 News, she has gain in confidence even more since then. I think Newsround presenters often get overlooked by other news networks when they are looking for new presenters, I think their down-to-earth style for children makes them ideal for programmes with a broad appeal. A very good example of someone doing well after leaving Newsround is Juliet Morris who was the one who took over from John Craven when he left Newsround.

Do you think Hayley Hassall would make a good choice for the 5 News team?

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