Dear Blog,
My own stomach/abdomen area has been very painful today, I’ve had a lot of spacisms of very real pain associated  with my ongoing MS, and constipation as in that particular area it don’t work all that well anymore. A massive thank you to anyone who reads my blog. Any comments that you have about my own, rather unique, rather complex style website/blog, are always much appreciated. I do try to keep it updated when I can, my own fragile health permitting, and I’m trying to blog about my own true real life experience, with a little bit of everything, so people can choose for themselves what they want to read, or just glance over, from the many of my very varied posts that I’ve done since I 1st started. My website, to start with, was just a biography type thing, with a bit of info about me, 2 small photographs of me, and my shear complexity of medical conditions, and I like to think it has grown, developed, and maybe even matured a bit since then.
I watched Colombo Goes to College today on ITV1. It is an episode I’d yet again seen before quite a few times in fact, but I really love Colombo, a real gem of a genus, who most really underestimate with his very own rather unique old pale blue European car, cigar, and yes that now very famous cream looking raincoat. This particular episode mainly follows 2 male college students who go on to murder their male college tutor due to their own exam cheating (I think is what they did). These 2 students accidentally discover this tutor was also having an affair with the wife of one of the sports tutors, they then murder him after faking a meeting with a father of 1 of the guilty students. They do it by a sort of hidden remote control style device and a gun nobody really actually fires in person but done remotely somehow by a piece of string. 1 of the students tries taking the mickey out of Colombo by trying to mimic his eyes behind his back but while speaking on the telephone. Colombo has these 2 students sussed out, he knows they’re taking the mickey out of him, but he finds them out in the end with the use of his own wife’s car and by trying to recreate the murder scene. Good old clever Colombo .The blonde male student in this episode also has a love of very pretty girls, his dad says, and gets at least 3 different girls pregnant – poor old Daddy.  I really hope ITV1 show the episode of “Colombo – Death of a Rock Star” next as it is 1 of my favourite’s and has a lot of great intrigue in it. Look out for the unique looking champagne corks in that particular episode too and the female rock stars own music too which sounds really great. I’d give Colombo goes to college a 7 out of 10 rating it’s OK.Who me?