I remember thinking and pondering whether to have a Christmas tree in my home but what about so many needles. It would have looked very lovely, very traditional too. They are also expensive. There’s only the two of us, myself and my partner. A real Christmas tree would be nice but probably well out of the question.

Then there’s the traditional Christmas turkey. I decided “What the heck, I don’t normally get the chance to have a turkey, I’ll do it”. However in the shops they are so BIG, we only have a mini-oven and Frank, my boyfriend, says we’d need to stuff it, and he doesn’t know how to do it, which surprised me a bit but I guess he’s a bloke. I had hoped to have a turkey that would do a couple of meals and maybe make a sandwich or two. I can take or leave turkey but I wonder what Santa Clause would do when he comes to visit?

I’m in my early 40s but did send Santa Clause a Christmas card. A bit mad maybe but why not, you only live once so I did.

Many thanks to you all for reading this blog, it’s great that you do. Marry Christmas and happy New Year.  :Pleasure: