Dear Blog,
Tinchy Strider is simply not my cup of tea, or coffee either. Maybe he tried his best, but for me – so Yuk. So I went and had a latte instead and left the audience to be self imposed victims. Tinchy is not as good as Daz Sampson, another rapper, that represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Cheryl herself, had at one point, green lights circling her. The mini, middle stage bit was impressive and made a difference from the usual long metal type walkway that artist like STEPS and Kylie sometimes use to fully engage with the audience. Cheryl was a much better dancer than I expected she would be. 10/10 singer, but at one point a dancer kissed her hand and she had a very strange look on her face. I also thought it was interesting when Cheryl sang interactively with but he was a big image projected on to the stage.
One of her outfits was a floaty purple number that blew about when a fan blew on her, that reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. Cheryl moved her hips about in a seductive manner and wiggled her ass a lot. She appeared to have a large tattoo on her lower back. Very good costumes, she likes wearing glitter just like Kylie does.
Good value for money, really liked the white lights being waved by her fans in the concert, the men selling flashing lights and other goodies outside after the concert afterwards should have sold them before. There’s nothing Cheryl could have done better in the concert, she’s so awesome, rating 10/10!
I’d never watch X-Factor but she has a good talent and a smile to hold her own with fans. I think she’s moved a long way ahead since the days of Girls Aloud. I found her merchandise very good value for money but I didn’t have much money.