I have felt for a couple of years now that the axing of the monthly Crimewatch on BBC1 was a mistake. I feel that if viewers want to see good TV, then they need two co-presenters who gel together. I believe that the police need as many weapons as they can get to solve their crimes so shows like Crimewatch can play a big part, the two presenter choices are crucial to attract as many viewers as possible. I believe for example Claudia-Liza Armah and Julian Druker, both from 5 News, could make a programme like that work. Julian reports on crime issues regularly for 5 News, and both are effective news presenters. Please consider this request Channel 5, I know you don’t normally do these kinds of programmes, but if the two co-presenters share a rapport and work together well then viewers get good television and the police get the help they need to solve their crimes. Many thanks for reading this blog.

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