This two star movie was about a woman with long curly black hair (played by Brooke Burns) who finds out about an aunt, who she had not heard about before, had gone mad, died in an asylum, and left her all her money and a house with some acres land. She starts to do the old house up and discovers a magical music box which changes an event in her life each time she opens it. Some for the better but mostly for the worst. The old, rare, but valuable, wooden music box had been made in the 19th Century by someone who had mysteriously disappeared. The best scenes in it were when she at first was followed in a car by a friend who then disappeared, apparently killed in a plane crash she had initially survived, and later her husband and daughter reappeared alive when in her original life they were killed in a car crash. A policeman friend at first doesn’t believe her. At the end of the film she smashes the music box to break its power and gripping hold on her life. There was a guy in it who had worked for the elderly aunt, who tried to convinced her smash it much earlier, but she is convinced she can use the box for good. The guy convinces her that changing peoples life events is wrong. I’d give this CH5 afternoon movie a 7/10 rating.

On a different note, I am glad Megan has been found safe and well. You can look a child on the outside but be more of an adult inside. I wonder if this maybe the case with Megan.
On ITV1 afternoon news there was an article about lonely older people, often in cities surrounded by unaware neighbours, and how loneliness can affect them. There is going to be new phone service called “Silverline” started by Esther Rantzen (who, I was sorry to hear, said she was lonely after her husband died) which will work in a similar way to childline. There should be more training for older people in use of the social media like twitter. I think this is a very good idea, but for myself and a great number of disabled people, we in exactly the same position. By all means remember the elderly but don’t forget disabled people can be in the same situation.