This family style drama, made in 2006, stars a middle aged gentleman who loses his job to a female colleague. He struggles to find work, and even works on a sewer digging, but he resolves to write a book based in part on his wife’s life. Actor Christopher Lloyd makes a ghostly appearance as an author in this film, he’s really marvelous in it, he crops up in really strange places at strange times. The guy thinks he’s going to become seriously ill and die, he splits from his wife, leaving his adorable little girl asking “are you going to get a divorce daddy?”. The couple start growing apart when the book becomes a best seller and he’s here, there and everywhere promoting it. It has a happy ending though, situation comes together, issues get resolved and I believe this film is set in the winter time as there is plenty of snow around. My favourite scene was when a woman with long black hair connected to his book gave him a kiss. I think she had nookie in mind. I’d give this film a good 8/10 rating, I just wish such films were available on region 2 DVDs and not just for American viewers.