The main character, a red headed woman, is married to a Dr but he has a lot on his plate. She tries to tempt him with black sexy lingerie but he’s too tired so she feels neglected. So she joins a website – Wandering Eye – to have a fling. Through it she meets a married man at a hotel twice. She still loves her husband so when he tries to seduce her at the second meeting she says no and they part on mutually good terms. After she leaves someone enters and shoots the fella, not knowing the heroine had left. Police are soon hot on the trail and it turns out the killer is a female web hacker who worked for the dating site. A good mystery style thriller – a 8/10 rating.

VJ and Jett start to become friendly but VJ is cautious. They start to play with a football indoors with Liam but end up breaking Leah’s verse on the mantle piece. Liam takes the blame for VJ, but Leah susses out who actually did it. Leah thinks VJ should be grown up and admit it was him which he then he does. Jett apologises to VJ for his past bullying and VJ accepts, they then bond over a computer game they play. Meanwhile Bianca suspicions grow of Heath though he says he wishes to be there and take responsibility with baby Rocco. They sort out who does what but they both storm off as they are not communicating properly. Alf is very rattled cause he thinks Harvey is a prat and he’s not worthy of Roo because he’s cheated with Mel. Lottie urges Harvey to sort out his communication issues with Roo, Lottie doesn’t know Harvey has spent the night with Mel. Roo and Harvey continue to argue, will they finally make it to the alter or not? Following the car accident Dex goes home from the hospital. Drs, including his dad, are advising him to go to a rehab place in the city but Dex refuses and wants to stay near friends and family. Sid doesn’t know if they can cope but April offers him her love and support and moves in. This is totally implausible in my eyes – Gina thinks John and Marilyn are having an affair! Gina and John keep arguing and not communicating so watch this space. Casey is losing the plot and having flashbacks of him killing his dad. A man in a woolly hat eyes up Casey, his motives are unknown but clearly not good. Brax and Natalie are worried for Casey after he trashes his room and has a weird tattoo put on his back. Sasha and Casey go into the bush and start a campfire for warmth. Casey then seduces Sasha but Indie later finds out and accuses Casey of using Sasha. Romeo is still determined to take part in the Summer Bay surf carnival, but is still in a lot of pain due to a previous knee and leg injury. Romeo overhears Harvey on the the phone having a  conversation with Mel, asking her not to tell Roo as he wants to work things out with her. Harvey then moves out of the Summer Bay house, his face racked with guilt, to give Roo some space, telling here where to find him when she’s ready to talk. Will they or won’t they get hitched now? I bet Roo would make a great blushing bride. The scene where Casey almost drowns was excellently filmed. I’m really glad to hear that everso hunky actor Martin Lynes is joining the cast of Home and Away, he’s a fantastic actor. I’m now looking forward to any storylines he is in.