This was really good film. Funny in parts but not too much to be a complete farce. 2 Girls set up their dad with a woman (His first wife had died). The 2 girls pretended to be their dad on-line and flirted with the woman, then set the meeting up at a stables. Neither of the adults knew what was going on. The grown-ups also happened to run rival on-line dating agencies but again they are unaware of this when they meet. The woman had gone on his site as a way setting up a meeting just to prove the way that that site is run is not the way to do it and that hers is best. This film ends with a very `happy ever after` wedding with the two girls thrilled and I give this movie an 8/10 rating. It has a real feel-good ending.

The weather here has been rather rainy but thankfully this week, due to my nearest and dearest, I have been able to venture out a little bit more. My MS is not all that great and my ongoing ventilation problem, and other ongoing stuff going on is leaving me very fatigued. Take care, goodnight to you all for now.