Vernon Kaye opened the programme with a fairly good joke about ghosts. I recall it was fairly funny but I can not really remember what he actually said.

The two celebrity people were Rick from the Emmerdale programme, apparently he plays the boss of a sweet factory, & the second contestant was pretty actress Brooke Vincent from Corrie. I have to confess the only famous Brooke I ever heard of myself as I only very occasionally watch East Enders is actress Brooke Kinsella. Rick from Emmerdale apparently as a child liked Simon and Garfunkle, and their chosen charity, as I vaguely recall, was based somewhere in the Chesterfield area. Brooke Vincents’ uncle David, I think it was, wore a nice tie, and the family themselves is based somewhere in Manchester (I was more or less born and raised in Moston). Brooke Vincent apparently liked the Spice Girls (I think Geri Halliwell is OK). She started on Corrie aged just eleven, and there was a rather cute clip of her singing something, no idea what, aged about eighteen months approx. I guess you may think her own littleworsed  bad habit is that she has her car crammed full of stuff. I have to admit that’s a fairly typical girlie thing to do. She donated her winnings to the “Wish upon a star” charity which for me vaguely rings a bell. Brooke Vincent wore a very nice black and brown dress, and how on earth she walked in those very high heals of hers is just anyone’s guess?

Funny questions included “Name an instrument you blow”. Bagpipes rather surprisingly wasn’t one of the answers (my own 1st serious boyfriend used to play the bagpipes at some public events, that for me was a bit of a turn off). Another question was “Name a starter on a menu in a restaurant” (I confess freely myself that I have not been to many restaurants in my life) nobdy said what I first thought of – snails, but garlic bread was in the survay and I always order that myself in Weatherspoons or other similar type pubs. Vernon Kaye tried his hand at riding a bike while announcing a prize, he did it with some minor special effects. I have to admit when trying to win the £10,000 I had to chuckle at some of Brooke Vincents answers. “Name something flavoured with mint”. and she then said “mint”, and another family member when asked “Name a famous tower” and he then said “Alton Towers” and he got 0 points. The top answer was the Eiffel Tower. I have to admit at the time I could only think of the place I think it is known as The Empire State Building. I think it looks rather like a tower and it featured in the film “Sleepless in Seattle”, I have no idea if it is really classed as a famous tower though. The winning side got 154 points and won £6,040 for the Wish upon a Star charity. The other side I think only managed 50 points.

A fairly good edition of this great game show. My dream edition of Celebrity Family Fortunes would be some of the cast of Aussie soap Home and Away, my favourite character April Scott would hopefully be one of them, against some of the cast of East Enders. Maybe the Brannings or the Moon family. That I bet would make some very interesting viewing. Maybe that could be made in the Autumn and then screened over the Xmas and New Year period (2012).