Like Crazy (12A) My Film Review.

I Quite liked the look of this film, but it was very slow moving in parts and the actual ending was left with a question mark as to what happened next, which I  really like, although I assume the 2 of them split up and got divorced. The Guy lived in LA in America and the girl lived in London England. She met him while studying but overstayed her Visa in the U.S.A. and by the time she got her new visa cracks had already begun to appear in their relationship. Both of them…continue reading →

Unsettled morning.

I will not go into it very long. Myself and the local with a greater chasm, trying to build a bridge over a River Thames of sorts. I'm not at all optimstic at how I'm being perceived, and their inflexibility of criteria and `one size fits all mentality` rules.With the UK spending cuts, this can feel very impersonal at timed. We went to see Hugo in 3D. It felt very bright behind the eyes and clearly gave me eye strain, it also gave me travel/motion sickness (especially when the young boy character was running) so…continue reading →

W.E film by Madonna herself!

I liked the man who played the security guard -seriously HOT! He had a good accent but I didn't know where he came from. The best and most gripping scene was the Kings' abdication radio speech. Billie Pipers' husband did a good stammer - a small part but carried it off fairly well. I felt the writing at the end about W & E was too small to read very easily and not on long enough.. I thought it was a good song by Madonna over the end credits. Finally though, a big drawback for me…continue reading →

Mercy Mission: The rescue of flight 771. (1993 110mins)

The above film I'd probably give a 9/10 for it. It tells the remarkable story of a big passenger plane, both guarding and helping a small Cessna plane back to Auckland in very bad weather. The best features are the dancing girls from Honolulu using a hand fist to try to gain measurements, and a wing man having to ditch his own Cessna plane after the old plane just seem to give up and crashed into the sea. Luckily the guy escaped alive and swam back to the shore after ditching into the sea…continue reading →

Thursday P.M. blog.

I was really chuffed yesterday teatime when a certain young lady, with a just awesome accent, mentioned me on Twitter. Many thanks to the lovely Katie, keep up all your good and fab work. I'm still feeling very unsettled around my ongoing situation with the community mental health team. What they say from one week or month, or till the next rotation of their staff, seems very contradictory which makes me feel ever more confused and disorientated. They're experts in something, but the real basic human emotions, and their reactions to it, seem…continue reading →

Review of the film `The Iron Lady` by me.

The bit about the Falklands War I could only relate to in a very limited way as, put simply, I didn't remember it due to my age. (I thought the Falklands was an independent place of its own.) Also I had never heard of Airy Neve or the incident that took his life. The two best roles to look out for in this film in my opinion is the girl with a just awesome accent who played Carol T, and the actress who played extremely well the young Margaret Thatcher. Overall rating 4 1/2…continue reading →

A sinking feeling blog this Monday.

I could be doing worse. My next of kin is lovely but in a nice kinda way he drives me round the bend in the M602 kinda way, my local mental health team want me to have some anxiety management. That's something at least I may hear some of you exclaim. Co-ordinating it, i.e. getting it sorted out, is closer, but the Community Mental Health Team did not help matters by not referring me to the anxiety management people themselves in the 1st place. Whether  it was a test or they could not be bothered to…continue reading →

My new years resolutions and my bucket list too in 2012

A) To be a good ambassador and a voice for disabled people, and to help the wider society and professionals better comprehend others like me. B) My own website promoting ongoing complex disability awareness to be an Internet success. C) Go to Chania in Crete with my next-of-kin for a holiday. (But money's tight!) D) Meet Winter, that lovely dolphin in the USA. E) To take Helen Fospero to see the West End version of `Blood Brothers` and go to the Ritz afterwards. This would be just brilliant! F) Go shopping at Harrods…continue reading →

The victims of spending cuts – Whose really to blame?

As the UK spending cuts continue to kick in, for some disabled people like me the outlook seems very bleak looking into the future. My local mental health team now claims the law means they can only look at my mental health, they refuse to have a joint meeting with others to set out a workable, manageable plan to meet my multi-complex issues - learning disability, mental heath and physical needs all together. The law is clearly wrong when it does not consider the whole person. I find myself facing more time and…continue reading →