My new wheelchair (fingers crossed)

I got a new wheelchair this week due to my Secondary Progressive MS deteriorating. It makes me cry sometimes as I know it's going to get worse, but I'm still somewhat hopeful of a fairly happy future , here's to that. (First two pics are of the old, the 2nd two of the new one).continue reading →

My birthday week.

It was fairly nice weather for my birthday recently. It was a great day at my favourite pier. Enjoyed catching up with two of my closest friends too. I had a really terrific time at a church fate last Saturday. I tried to Splat the Rat and threw wet sponges at the new Curate. Well done to everyone involved at the fate. Splat the Rat: Soak the Curate: reading →

The Glass Slipper show

@_Centre_Stage performing arts school certainly had loads of very talented children and young adults in their stage show - The Glass Slipper. A very well done to each and everyone of you. My favourite scene was the moving one of when Cinders lost her mother.continue reading →

Forgotten Evil movie.

The link below is to a trailer to a thriller on Channel 5. Yet another prime example of a superb CH5 afternoon movie. I was glued to my TV set yet again. Well done, keep them coming CH5. reading →

I met Miss Caruso in real life.

I was very lucky to get to an evening of James Bond music. I met a retired couple who were great company, an awesome female singer from the show and actress & Bond girl, Miss Caruso herself, Madeline Smith, who said she didn't drink any of the coffee in her scene with Roger Moore in "Live and let Die"continue reading →