My favourite short listed entry for Eurovision – You Decide 2019 I was gripped as always by the idea of watching BBC2' Eurovision - You Decide, the contest where the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is selected, last year I was lucky enough to be in the audience.  Sadly for me, unlike the previous two years, this years winner Michael Rice was not somebody I would have voted for. His version of this song was acceptable but it did nothing for me, I thought it was the worst entry of all of them on offer that night. However Holly Tandy,…continue reading →

5 News, 26th January 2019, 5pm edition.

Catherine Jones was presenting. Protecting victims: New plans and measures have been announced concerning Domestic Abuse. Included is a new legal definition which includes emotional and psychological abuse such as controlling behaviour, not just the physical type. Also in court accused abusers will no longer be able to cross examine the abused; and evidence can be given by video rather than in person in court. A victim told of her shocking experiences. PM Theresa May announced in Parliament Plan B for Brexit - more of the same Plan A felt Andy Bell political…continue reading →

5 News, Monday, 26th of November, 2018

The main story was Teresa May, the Prime Minister's battle for support for her Brexit deal, she wants to be able to `get on with it` (Brexit) but it's proving to be an up-hill struggle. At stake is her own future as well as the UK's. Labour says no, the DUP says no, even 90 members of her own party will not vote for the deal. Could we be heading for a second referendum?  The already convicted pedophile killer Russell Bishop has refused to give further evidence in his defense at his latest…continue reading →

The awesome Lolly in Cinderella pantomime.

My favourite pop star Lolly, aka Anna Kumble, starred in, and directed, a production of Cinderella. She was simply amazing and had a very positive stage image to the character of The Fairy Godmother. The panto Dame was really good, "she" made an audience member cringe which was really fun. There was a young actor who used to be in Eastenders as Tyler Moon (I think his character went out with Whitney Dean but I don't watch this soap anymore). There was plenty of great festive tunes, and yes Lolly I will definitely…continue reading →

The Dick Whittington pantomime.

I really enjoyed this Dick Whittington panto. My favourite was Alice Fitzwarren played by Katie Arundell. We saw the `Relaxed` performance so the audience was full of people and children with learning disabilities, especially Autistic people like myself.continue reading →

My local Christingle service.

I really enjoyed going to Christingle at my local Baptist Church. I read from the Gospel of John a couple of lines, it was a moving experience at this time of year. I felt very honoured to be asked at my local Baptist church to read John, chapter 1, verses 1 - 5. I found I was more nervous doing it to a live audience than to webcam. See below for a recording of what I read out in the church. reading →

Peter Pan Jr stage show.

I got to see a stage show today entitled (Disney) Peter Pan Jr., by Ginger Boy Productions. It was all children performing and singing in it, all of them extremely talented, but my firm favourite was Capt Hook played by Dan Northbrooke.continue reading →