Eurovision 2020

Even though this years Eurovision Song Contest had been cancelled the BBC still had some good programmes connected to the long running show. That included a programme broadcast live from Rotterdam by the Eurovision broadcasters who did interviews, past highlights and 45sec. of every entry that should have been in this years contest. Some of the music videos were excellent. My favourite music video was the "Cleopatra" song for Azerbaijan. I also enjoyed Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania's entries - see links below. I am against the UK entry as I am opposed to…continue reading →

What I have been thinking about during Covid-19 outbreak.

I have been "socially isolating" for three months due to my Secondary Progressive MS making me more susceptible to Covid-19 but I do realise there are a lot of people worse off than me. Covid-19 has put the fear into all of us never knowing just where it will strike next. I saw an edition of Panorama which showed people in refugee camps being "isolated" by the authorities, and but then they had to sleep too close together with other people,  you felt Covid-19 was ever present. I think the extraction of blood…continue reading →

What is going on in my mind about Covid-19 today: Sunday May the 3rd.

I keep on hearing "we are at the peak of Covid-19 cases" but in my mind this is conjecture. I think graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc put simply, are confusing, and in some ways going with your gut is easier to understand.  I have Secondary Progressive MS and a lot of the time I've been indoors. My carers visit me but they are under a contractual obligation to do so. A couple of my friends have visited to say hello, keeping `social distance` apart with me in my doorway. This has all felt strange…continue reading →

A review of me and Coronavirus Lockdown

I don't believe that I will forget just what I was doing a day or so before the Official Lockdown began. I was at a local theatre watching the film "Emma". I guess with my autism and learning disability I simply didn't get the wording or the language of the film. The acting in it was fine but it felt like it was simply on a level that was well beyond my ability to comprehend. During the Lockdown for me it's been a whole new routine. I'm not venturing out as due to…continue reading →

My thoughts on Covid-19 dilemma.

I have been thinking an awful lot about Covid-19 and what comes to the forefront of my mind when the word pandemic is used is the Great Plague of London of 1665. Then they didn't know the cause but when they did they eventually tried to do something about it. This time around we can not easily see the cause of Covid-19 and effectively tackle it, it's not like just cleaning our streets this time of vermin. It's invisible until the bug bites. At present we all know there is no vaccine for this…continue reading →

My trip memories of this years air show 2019

I had a terrific time at the Bournemouth air show last weekend. The weather was sunny but slightly breezy. There were plenty of people and I hear the air show will be returning next year. Here are some You Tube videos we uploaded of my time at the festival, the last two are my fond memories of the Black Cats display team. Take care all of you, many thanks for reading this blog and any videos you watch too.  I'm not in love with the tornado volume. My first glance at a chieftain…continue reading →

Me and the Black Cats helicopter display team.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Royal Navy's Black Cats helicopter display team. I was very fortunate indeed to meet one of the Black Cats helicopter pilots, he was a real pleasure to talk to. I could kick myself after the event though, I forgot to ask the pilot his name, oh silly old me! I bet that's not something reporters like Julian Druker or Hayley Hassall would do! I was very nervous at the time as I hadn't really done an interview to camera before. reading →

The Air Show 2019.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the air show, it was fab and I met a lot of new and interesting people including my firm favourites the Black Cats helicopter crew and engineers.continue reading →

A fond farewell to a great Assistant Pastor Sophie Canfield

I said a final goodbye to my close friend Assistant Pastor Sophie Canfield. She is an amazing person all round. The joy and delight she has brought to my life is so hard for me to measure. As my MS progressed I looked to God and he sent me to the doors of a Baptist Church, here I met Sophie Canfield who helped me find peace with God and whatever his plan for me is. She is going on a fund-raising marathon and then is moving away.Through social media we will look each…continue reading →