I saw this TV advert and my heart just sank. Although the advert probably contained actors you could really see the deteriorating state of her mental health and her husband’s dementia. The woman struggles constantly on the phone to get the support she needs to care for her husband. Even a little support seems to be too much to ask. 


In my experience, criteria decision making is rife within the health and social care setting (Judging if someone can claim support by meeting a strictly and limited worded assessment) with the result for carers as demonstrated at the end – “I’m afraid your application for care funding hasn’t been successful”. You never get to see what the criteria is that you are being compared with. So your life hangs in the balance, in a kind of limbo. A copy of the criteria should be given to people in this situation and other copies be available in libraries. I believe social care and health will always compete for funding; the Gov’t has merely changed the name above the door. This TV advert does a good job in promoting dementia care. Thank you for reading my blog.