This latest benefits cap may or may not damage our economy long term but I feel it will hurt a lot of people. The universal credit concept is a good, in principle, idea but the benefits cap and universal credit combined maybe being rolled out too quickly. I had hoped that the momentum from the Labour Party would mean this benefit cap would not go ahead. As below there is further analysis on this issue to be read in a news articles as below. I find it really hard to comprehend this VIP crucial issue but I have done my very best to give it a go.

On today’s ITV1 lunchtime news it was about who would win a BAFTA, and another award ceremony coming soon. The current nominations are not my cup of tea, sadly I don’t think my favourite, Reece Witherspoon, has been nominated this year.

More fires, two sticks rubbing each other the wrong way, my thoughts go out to those effected.

In the USA somewhere a couple say “I do” in a balloon basket and then fall back to earth, crashing into a house garden. I hear they just got up and went to their wedding reception. They were very lucky people who where certainly brought down to earth ever so abruptly.