This was the very first time I think that I had ever seen the West End version of Blood Bothers. The blonde Mrs Johnstone was, put simply, marvellous with the best scouser accent. She’s by far the best Mrs Johnstone that I have seen playing this role. I was a bit tired of seeing so many Nolan sisters playing this part. Blood Brothers is my number 1 musical. My favourite track by far being “Bright new day”. I bought a commemorative CD of the show again and by a stroke of good luck some members of the cast signed my CD afterwards, it was well worth waiting for. I have to admit that although I love Blood Brothers and feel very loyal to this particular show, I used go to once per year, I find the touring version does not change their cast enough. So I will continue to see it now yearly in the West End. Long live Blood Brothers although it has a very sad ending, whereas usually for me it has to be a `happily ever after`. It’s my number 1 show. I’d love to see the 80’s star Sonia Evans playing the parts of Linda or Mrs Johnstone. I thought the scenary was good but not as unique as the touring version, e.g. the picture used of the Pope in one scene.
Goodnight all, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Sleepy smile