A recent article about motability cars

I wanted to comment about an article I recently heard about, and then glanced at, in the Daily Express newspaper about Motability cars. What looked like friends, family or Carers using the Motability cars without the client or disabled person being in the car with them. Whoever is driving it, to my knowledge, the Motability car is not allowed to be driven without the client being in the car themselves. I've heard some people do this and, if caught, these people should at the very least be given a fixed penalty notice. I will say…continue reading →

A Monte Carlo Film Review

Monte Carlo is just a superb film, apparently based on a book. It was very plausible, while at the same time being very funny in parts and while not being too over the top, a hard balance to achieve sometimes I think. I went to see this particular film because it was starring an actor called Luke Bracey who previously played Trey Palmer in Home And Away. I did feel somehow now that the character Trey Palmer was hotter than Luke Bracey himself. I'd definitely give the film 8 and a half out of ten. The best scenes were…continue reading →

glimmers of hope

Dear blog,   A few small glimmers of hope have finally come.    At last I heard from the Urine continence nurse and at some point I'm trying out a new product, a new sort of pad. I will let you guess where it's for. I'm still fretting somewhat over a very personal test I need to have done. It's very personal indeed to me. I'm hoping myself, my next of kin, and my Barbie doll can somehow survive though it. It involves a small taste of my life for the future, maybe, enemas or suppositories (Yuck, I heard from…continue reading →

life heading towards a `no man’s land`

Dear Blog,   I wish I knew where my life is heading. Some may say now into a no man's land. Within the last 7 days I had a joint visit from a Physio and a Occupational Therapist. Although it could have gone worse I only felt a little better afterwards, but I suppose it is, at least, something that actually occurred I guess. I was asked about the physio exercises, to which I replied I still wasn't able to do them on my own while still battling all my other complex medical conditions, especially my ongoing severe mental health problems which…continue reading →

I ventured outside yesterday……..

I ventured outside yesterday afternoon and, more or less, within 6 mins. of going out, my legs started to give out on me, and my walking frame felt just like dragging a very large bag of spuds across the floor. I bumped into a close female friend en-route who put me straight into a taxi home, luckily before the 4th fall I would've had this year. I broke down in tears, just sobbing uncontrollably, feeling so trapped in my own home although I love my joint. I recently got a 2nd hand mobility scooter, but there is no…continue reading →

My Ongoing sadness my complexity not helping.

My Name is Lydia approx a month ago I tried to attack myself with a knife and left the gas switched on said goodbye to my next of kin by phone and waited to die what happened after that took place in a bit of a blur the fire brigade came pumped out the gas police came then was taken to hospital, I was under the crisis mental health team and then put back reopen the case with the everyday team who now say I don't meet their criteria for a mental health care…continue reading →