Boris Johnson – the new UK Prime Minister.

The media are saying today it's the eve of the coronation of Boris Johnson as the new UK Prime Minister. The EU seems to want to open a new dialogue with the UK on Brexit but could it be that the EU just wants shot of the UK as a member once and for all? Brexit should mean Brexit but by Boris Johnson will he finally deliver it? I now predict a big recession on the way, a PM being mischievous, and theatrical with his words and actions. Then leadership contender, Boris kept…continue reading →

My new wheelchair (fingers crossed)

I got a new wheelchair this week due to my Secondary Progressive MS deteriorating. It makes me cry sometimes as I know it's going to get worse, but I'm still somewhat hopeful of a fairly happy future , here's to that. (First two pics are of the old, the 2nd two of the new one).continue reading →

My birthday week.

It was fairly nice weather for my birthday recently. It was a great day at my favourite pier. Enjoyed catching up with two of my closest friends too. I had a really terrific time at a church fate last Saturday. I tried to Splat the Rat and threw wet sponges at the new Curate. Well done to everyone involved at the fate. Splat the Rat: Soak the Curate: reading →

The Glass Slipper show

@_Centre_Stage performing arts school certainly had loads of very talented children and young adults in their stage show - The Glass Slipper. A very well done to each and everyone of you. My favourite scene was the moving one of when Cinders lost her mother.continue reading →

Forgotten Evil movie.

The link below is to a trailer to a thriller on Channel 5. Yet another prime example of a superb CH5 afternoon movie. I was glued to my TV set yet again. Well done, keep them coming CH5. reading →