A guitar busker 07.07.2018.

Here is a photograph and film footage of a guitar playing busker. I gave him some loose change whilst sitting in my wheelchair. As you can see he was very a very good performer. see link: https://youtu.be/Aoy-dVcMQFgcontinue reading →

My World Cup Bets, Part II.

As you can probably see, my World Cup football bets are a real mixed bunch of bananas, I'm having little luck but I'm enjoying going to Coral and putting down my bets. In Part I I wrote: For the eventual winners I have bet on Spain, Portugal, Peru and Saudi Arabia. On Saturday I bet Uruguay would beat Egypt 2 - 0. On Sunday I bet  Costa Rica would beat Serbia 1 -0. And for tomorrow I have bet Panama will beat Belgium 1 - 0. Sadly for me my first two match predictions…continue reading →

I, Tonya – our film review.

I, Tonya tells the sad, harrowing and almost tragic story of Tonya Harding, a highly dedicated ice skater whose husband and his friend decided to help to win by conspiring to injure her closest rival. Her life was very hard, brought up by a cold, determined and heartless mother who was often physically abusive towards her, Tonya then fell in love with a man who proved to be equally abusive. Skating was her life but the American skating establishment kept trying to put her down or push her into conforming how she should live as a respectable "all American…continue reading →