My pamper day!

I'm starting to feel now that I'm approaching middle age. I had a lovely pamper day with Yvonne. She said I don't look like my real age. (I'm really a 100! he he)continue reading →

A review of Tonight – Fraud: Robbing the Elderly.

The Tonight programme of 27.06.19 focused on the disturbing issue of those that rob from the elderly such as carers, friends or even members of their own family. This abuse is on the increase with 120,000 reported cases. The victims and their families say that it leaves them vulnerable and humiliated and with issues of how to trust others. The programme started by looking at carers who steal money, jewelry and valuables. It looked at those caught out when secret CCTV had been installed, something many, in a survey, of the public would…continue reading →

My own view point on the Tory leadership contest. It is a great shame the UK is in such a dire political Tory leadership contest. I think the Tory contender Rory Stewart would be a satisfactory choice. I would say to the Conservative membership you can be all things to all men so don't vote for anyone who is promising you the moon. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog and watching my YouTube video.                                                 …continue reading →

Panorama: Crisis in Care part 2. Who coughs up the money?

Panorama: Crisis in Care was informative and gave people a really good and true insight into the real state of social care in England. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are slightly different but face the same growing problems. The programme focused on Somerset but other counties such as Dorset are struggling to: My partner Frank is the best thing since sliced bread in my eyes and the gentleman who was caring for his wife, as featured in the programme, reminded me of Frank, and his views were similar to ours. The social services…continue reading →

The sad death of author Judith Kerr.

I really enjoy the book of "The Tiger that Came to Tea" and also it's stage show. But for me the stories of Mog the cat still resonate greatly with me, and the passing of Mog the cat brought tears to my eyes. I still borrow books of Mog from my local Library. I was saddened to hear of Judith Kerr's passing, I had no idea how old she was, but I do remember Mog from the age of 11 approx. Rest in Peace Judith, you brought such joy to both children and…continue reading →

The international Post Code Lottery of Social Care, and a review of Panorama “Carers in Crisis”

I heard on the BBC News channel earlier on today (Wed. 29.05.19) that for England, Scotland and Wales that different amounts of money per head are spent in each region. This fact is produced by the Health Foundation using official figures and data. (Bar chart courtesy of BBC online.) This is in my view another example of the infamous "Post Code Lottery" at work in the social care systems. I have always strongly suspected there was a difference of cost between the different regions but these seem to be significantly big and can…continue reading →

The Rory Stewart blog – will he make it to no.10?

I have been watching very closely the coverage of these Tory hopefuls/contenders to be our next PM and Tory leader. I think most of the candidates in this election are either just too much seen as part of the establishment or politically ambitious for their own interests to become our next PM. Where I agree with Rory Stewart MP is when he offers getting out and about to meet people about Brexit and other important issues to gain their opinions and knowledge. Also his intention to practically lock-up his Tory party members over…continue reading →

The continuing social care crisis. I recently learned in the article above that the Institute for Public Policy Research has suggested, from my point of view, a divisive suggestion to resolve the growing social care crisis. Where I agree with what they say is that we should put different diseases like cancer care and dementia on an equal footing. However they single out over 65's and I think working age adults face the same issues of funded medical care and, at present, unfunded social care. Free social care, or personal care as it is sometimes called, should…continue reading →

My take on the movie `Breakthrough`.

I recently got to see this film `Breakthrough`after seeing the trailer online, though sadly I couldn't see it at my local Odeon cinema. I thought the movie would be a good one, but it really touched all my heart strings at once. The film tells the very inspiring true story of John, a teenager who as a child had been adopted by an American couple. One day John was hanging out with his mates mucking about like boys of that age when they went onto a lake that had frozen over. All three…continue reading →

The Wild Rose film review.

Jessie Buckley in "Wild Rose" is an awesome singer and actress. As for the film, although fiction, the story was great and felt real like a biopic, and I could relate to it on an emotional level. Some of the spoken words, due to the Glaswegian accents, I found hard to follow. I felt Julie Walters performance also added a lot to the film. I gave this film 7/10 and for me the best scene was when the lead character in her friends garden breaks down, admits the truth about herself and then…continue reading →