Nina Thair and her awful situation.

I have a real empathy for Nina Thair and her situation. I got to see a Meridian News lunchtime bulletin a couple of days ago about an MS sufferer like myself who tries against all odds to live life to the full. Her name is Nina Thair. Her story strongly resonated with me. I now have Secondary Progressive MS and wheelchair bound too. I last used a walking frame over 5 years ago. Losing the ability to go out on your own, having to rely on others just to do what everyone else…continue reading →

Javid – May reccession soon be upon us?

I'm very sceptical that our new Chancellor of the Exchequer Savid Javid is correct in his thinking of the UK economy. ( Yes I believe that we are on a road which is nearly impossible to adapt or change to new circumstances. I hope I'm proven wrong, but the bitter word "Recession" is now fast looming in my view. Yet more austerity could be on the way. A shrinking UK economy and Brexit going ahead on Halloween would send jitters down anyone's spine. A `No Deal` Brexit would potentially lead to, a man…continue reading →

This awesome singer Nicole McNally

I really liked this female busker. Her powerful voice and passion was very evident in her voice. A really good musician with a small guitar which my other half says is called a ukulele. Well done to her. I also think she would be a good contender for representing the UK at Eurovision. reading →

My reflection on Barbara Windsors message to Boris Johnson.

I do understand why former actress and star Dame Barbara Windsor addressed the issue of further funding for research into Dementia and touched on the matter of funding Social Care for sufferers. But equally, lets not lose sight of the fact that social care funding is a strong subject that also affects people with degenerative illnesses like mine, and we need a solution that is inclusive for all ages, illnesses and disabilities. Social care should be free for all who need it such as with health care. reading →

The disappearance of Nora Quoirin (Up-dated)

I felt a real empathy for the parents of the missing girl in Malaysia. I myself have Autism and a Borderline Learning Disability. The pictures of the little girl greatly resonate with me due to my own disability. I hope soon, after nearly a week now, that she is found, alive and well. The very best of luck in locating her, look out for her, see the image below. Up-date 10.08.19 Here's a link with the latest on this ongoing story: Up-date 12.08.19 The family are now offering a reward of £10,000…continue reading →

My fairly recent birthday celebration.

I had a really good time - meal out at Frank and Benny's - to celebrate by birthday. A lot of my friends from very different backgrounds all turned up. God gave me a lovely day and I was privileged that so many turned was a unique experience for me. Many thanks to them, here are some of my memories of the day.continue reading →

The local Thai festival.

I really enjoyed the recent Thai festival last Sunday. I thought numbers were down from previous years but it still had an awesome, lively atmosphere. See my film and pictures below of the day. reading →