Awesome metal drums.

I saw while out in my wheelchair earlier today these awesome buskers playing what looked like metal drums. You could really sing along to them in your own mind even if you didn't know their particular tune. See the link here for a clip of what I'm talking about: reading →

Petition to reform medical exemption for people with long term medical conditions.

Dear Blog I signed this particular partition yesterday after reading it, I was more than convinced by the case it made. Make prescriptions free for people with long term illnesses I have Secondary Progress MS and if I wasn't disabled I would probably be paying regular prescriptions for the rest of my life too. Please do sign this as I would hate for this to effect other people. See link here: Flecainide Midodrinecontinue reading →

Paying student nurses a wage

I recently signed a petition in support of giving student nurses the minimum wage so they don't have to work a load of jobs and get tired and demoralised. But someone else had already set up a similar petition. I believe giving student nurses probably the living wage would be a welcome step in the right direction. See link here to sign this alternative┬ápetition today.  continue reading →