Rather disappointing news today, I had been told there was another way of getting a powered wheelchair but I learned today from my Dr’s by phone that going through Dorset Wheelchair Service is the only way round here. There must be different ways of doing things elsewhere, a real post code lottery. 
On a brighter note, the CH5 afternoon movie was titled “Thicker than water” (2005, 105 mins long). This well made drama stars a lawyer (Melissa Gilbert). After her late dad’s death she learns that her father had been married before to a rodeo queen, who had also since died. While trying to find some answers in her flash car and fancy heeled shoes, Melissa Gilbert’s character finds her half sister, who was played by former bionic woman star Lynnsay Wagner. Another storyline in the film features wild horses who need water to drink. A rival owner wants the wild horses killed by shooting them, because they might dilute his thoroughbred stock. A sort of legal wrangle takes place with the two sisters victorious. Melissa’s character find true love with a local cowboy who states at the end of the film that he got her goodbyes but doesn’t accept it. They then share a smooch. I give this CH5 movie a 6/10 rating, I really like the 18 year old blonde girl who played a character called `Lulu`. I think I’ve seen this same actress with a blonde Katherine Heigl.