So Amazon Prime has recently bought the rights to show 20 matches of Premiership football. It’s a very interesting development as it is the first deal of its kind with an “on-line” retailer. For me Amazon Prime is simply too pricey, they’ve tried to sell it to me when I have ordered from their on-line business but I have refused each time. Fans could pay to see their football on a game by game basis, and all the games could be screened on a dedicated pay/view channel. This, for me, is a much better way forward in my opinion, Amazon as a company is good for most things you might struggle to get in the high street, but its tax stance is concerning and it should pay what it should to the treasury. I support Leicester City myself because there is more excitement in a team which may play good or bad and lose/draw/win, you simply never know. If you want to read more on this subject then read the article below:

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The Guardian article about Amazon Prime and football

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