This film was really good and superbly well acted. I strongly related to it, but I have MS and did not suffer her kind of injury. The story tells a young lady, possibly 20s with red hair just like me. She was a competitive show jumper who has a serious fall after her and her horse fail to jump over a fence. She’s then left paralyzed. She meets a girl in the hospital with black curly hair, also in a wheelchair, who has clinical depression. She takes it out on Jenna and later tries to kill herself by gassing herself in a car but even with her disability, Jenna saves her life. Jenna tries a new operation that was being trialed, by having the operation Jenna starts to get some feeling and movement back into her legs and feet. The same thing didn’t work for the other girl. Jenna loses her first boyfriend because he failed to adjust to her new disability and life style. They break-up and after having a fall in her wheelchair Jenna meets her nice looking next door neighbour, who then helps her rebuild her life and also encourages the other girl to get on a horse and ride again. This film is real 10/10 for me, it cheered up my day and made me feel, even though I have severe MS that there is always hope out there in the world, even if you can not see it before your eyes. The gentleman who played Jenna’s’ father is a good actor and played a good character role in this film. 🙂