I got this in my emails and I agree with this TUC sponsored movement. I have signed and I would encourage you to do the same if you agree too. 

Breaking news: Boris & Gove’s plan to scrap holiday rights for millions
John Wood <john@goingtowork.org.uk>
Going to Work
Dear Ms Lydia N,
This is worrying. The Prime Minister has repeatedly promised that working people won’t lose important rights when we leave the EU, but we’ve always known there are many in her party who see Brexit as an opportunity to cut regulations as far as they can.
Now we’re seeing the proof of it. The Sunday Times and Sun have today reported plans by ministers – including Michael Gove and Boris Johnson – to scrap the Working Time Directive.
This is the piece of EU legislation that underpins lots of our rights to hours, breaks and holidays. It’s long been a target of the hard right, who want to give bosses even more power over workers.
When the directive came in, millions got paid holiday rights for the first time. Losing it would risk holidays for 7 million workers (4.7 million of them women, and many on zero-hours or part-time contracts).
Even more could be forced by bosses to work more than 48 hours a week. Others could lose guaranteed lunch and rest breaks, or night working protections.
This is a straight-up attack on our rights at work, and the PM needs to face down this plot in her own cabinet. No-one voted for Brexit to lose out on holidays, or to hand power over to bad bosses.
We’re calling her out on this. If she won’t stick to her promises now, it’ll open the floodgates for the hard-brexiteers to cut back even more of our rights at work.
Can you help us add to the pressure on the PM?
Thanks for all your help,
John and the Going To Work team
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