A trick of the mind
This was a really good mystery style thriller. A lovely blonde woman, who I think may have been Alexandra Holden, loses her parents in a car accident. She is then faced by nightmares and some delusions as to what is real and what is not. She meets a man while doing some voluntary work and then three weeks later they tie the knot. She has her wine spiked and ends up in hospital again with most thinking she’s completely lost the plot. Her solicitor male friend finds a gun hidden in the freezer, and there is a woman with long brown hair whose says her husband is not who he says he is, and that she works for the FBI. Everyone else thinks she hallucinates about this woman’s existence but really this woman is the husbands ex, they had targeted the wife for the money they had heard about. I really loved this gripping thriller, I’d give it an 8/10 rating. Who needs NCIS or CSI? They pail into utter insignificance and are rubbish compared to these kinds of superb films.
Children of my heart.
This particular film starred, speaking with a lovely french accent, Genevieve Desilets. She had dark brown hair and played a school teacher who quite suddenly falls in love with one of her students who, I think, looked at least 16 years old. Interesting scenes to look out for were a fire on the boys farm, and a boy, age unknown, with autism who called his pet cat `Meow`. He sadly lost his life in the fire trying to save the cat but the cat was outside. These two never got it together in the end. she turned down a marriage proposal from a banker she had met early on a train. The other spinster teachers did not approve of this woman’s new-found teaching methods and told her in a way to stick to the national curriculum. I like the scene where she tried to fly a kite with school kids and then fell flat on her face with the school kids, and the fact that this role appeared to be played by two different people. One playing the part in the actual film, and the other writing her own story in a book what looked like very many years later. I’ve seen this CH5 afternoon film before, I think the last time it was on it was on at a weekend. I still give it a 7 1/2 out of 10 rating.
Take care, the weather here is just too humid for me. It’s constantly making me feel very tired, goodnight all. Laugh