The telephone went at precisely the wrong moment but I don’t blame the lovely girl who phoned me. I only got to see bits and pieces of this OK movie. It was rather interesting but I’m not too disappointed I didn’t get to see the entire thing. The film appeared to be about two people who died in an accident, and the story seemed to centre around the recipients seeming to be experiencing the memories and very strong feelings of those that died. In particular a little girl with long brown brown hair who was adorable. She met one of the recipients when she saw her watching her from across the street and then beckoned to her, and she said “Are you an angel from heaven.” The female recipient is at a complete loss for words. I give this CH5 movie a 6/10 rating but it would not be a film I would want to add to my rather large DVD collection.

Newsreader Matt Barbet at the very end of 5 News says he’s off to “pastures new.” Helen Fospero is really the only star of daybreak and the only credible thing that’s holding the entire programme together. I wish Matt Barbet well but if he has been unlucky in joining Daybreak I’ve got some grave reservations about it. It would now appear newsreaders Emma Crosby and Polly Whitehouse will be used more regularly on CH5 News. I’d much rather see much more of Katie Goodman (with her awesome accent) and Julian Druker in this role, because as newsreaders they are the best on 5 News UK in my personal opinion.

Take care everyone, I’m hoping from tomorrow the near constant humid weather will, put simply, go right away! EmbarrassedDevil