I could be doing worse. My next of kin is lovely but in a nice kinda way he drives me round the bend in the M602 kinda way, my local mental health team want me to have some anxiety management. That’s something at least I may hear some of you exclaim. Co-ordinating it, i.e. getting it sorted out, is closer, but the Community Mental Health Team did not help matters by not referring me to the anxiety management people themselves in the 1st place. Whether  it was a test or they could not be bothered to send them a referral letter, I guess we’ll never know?

Disabled people remain vigilant, scared and baffled by the spending cuts, loss of their local services and an attack on their whole way of life. I’m glad to hear London Mayor Boris Johnson is talking sense publicly on this at the moment. Long may it continue. Be under no illusion people, out there, the more complex you are medically, the less likely you are to get recognition, respect and the valued holistic approach in support services some clients like me badly need. You can be made to feel completely miserable when professionals and some doctors just don’t get it, and Social Services managers are not compelled to meet, or even sometimes listen to the voices of their own clients and other people. There needs to be a cheaper and much more effective way of assessing people, and giving the money straight to clients and their carers if appropriate, but doing it by a checklist of stuff is inhuman and rarely makes some clients happy. Abolish services charges, stop paying out for social workers and their managers, give the keys to personal choice and freedom to disabled people and those that help them, and stop telling us how to lead or own lives. We want empathy, not a pair of sharp scissors from the Government, and the end of checklist based  decisions. Instead more based on the persons own needs and circumstances please.

5 News in now on at 6.30pm weekdays and is a few mins longer. That’s very good.

Adios for now all. x 😕